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Keto Coconut Cake

24 Karrot Baking

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Keto Coconut Cake
Keto Coconut Cake
Keto Coconut Cake
Keto Coconut Cake

Made with coconut and almond flours, erythritol as a sweetener, and organic vegetable shortening in the vanilla frosting, our Keto Coconut Cake lets everyone enjoy a subtly sweet treat without worrying about carbs or sugars.

Frosting and toasted coconut comes separately to keep the quality of the product during shipping. Add as much or as little as you'd like!


Keto Nutrition Macros (per mini cupcake): Fat-8g, Net Carbs-1.5g, Protein-2g

With 1 tsp frosting: Fat-10g, Net Carbs-1.75g, Protein-2g

Per personal loaf: Fat-37g, Net Carbs-7.5g, Protein-11g


Ingredients: Erythritol, eggs, canola oil, almond flour, unsweetened coconut, coconut flour, sour cream, baking powder, vanilla extract, salt

Frosting ingredients: Organic vegetable shortening, Swerve confectioner sugar, vanilla extract

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